Bylaws and regulations

The „Bailliage de Suisse„ is organized as an association by Swiss law.


Bailli Délégué - Conseil National

The Bailliage de Suisse is lead by the Bailli Délégué and his Conseil National, the Board of Directors.

The administrative affairs are handled by the „Chancellerie", the secretariat based in Fribourg.

Members are invited to the annual general meeting with a report about the activities of the Chaîne in Switzerland, including a financial reporting. The accounts of the Chaîne are audited by an independent Audit firm which also reports to the general assembly.

21 Bailliages – Bailli Régional

The Bailliage de Suisse is divided into 21 regional Bailliages, or local Chapters. Each Bailliage is lead by a Bailli Régional and his committee. The local Bailli is designated by the Bailli Délégué.

The 21 Swiss Bailliages organize each year over 240 events: Lunches, dinners, cultural visits, degustation, gastronomic trips, etc. Each year, more than 7500 members and guests participate in these events.

Comité National

The members of the national council, together with the regional Baillis form the national committee, which take care of the Swiss Chaîne activities.